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Join our PRINT CLUB!

Sell your riso goodies with us! At Outlet we have a sort of print shop incubator where all Riso Basics Workshop grads are eligible to sell in our shop on consignment—we call it our Print Club! We evaluate inventory on a case-by-case basis and would love to see what you’ve got in mind! Some element of your inventory needs to be risograph printed on our machines (this can be the backing cards for enamel pins or some other packaging) and will be restricted to small quantities as we have a limited amount of space in our studio.



  • This will be set up as 60/40 consignment, meaning Outlet keeps 40% of the sales while the rest go back to the artist! We’ll contact and pay you as new sales come in.

  • All printing is done the same way you print regularly, just sign up for an open hours slot. You’ll still need to pay for printing the same way you would normally.

  • You’re welcome to print as many copies as you’d like, but for now we’ll only take 5-10 of each unique item. We’ll contact you when we need more! Sellers are also limited to no more than 5 unique pieces of inventory.

  • Outlet can provide packaging for your standard print sizes for a small fee. We’ll also label all of your prints with artist name, website, and instagram (if you provide that information). We will not provide packaging for non-standard sizes.

  • Your goods can be whatever size you want as long as they’re printed on the risograph. We’re open to cards, prints, postcards, buttons (sign up for button hours here!)—just keep in mind that you’re responsible for trimming and packaging!

  • All participants must fill out an application so we have your information including your PayPal email. Outlet uses PayPal to pay everyone.

product ideas

There’s no limit to what you can make with risographs but here’s a few ideas to help you get started!


Pricing Suggestions

  • 11x17 Prints: $20

  • 8.5x14 Prints: $15

  • 8.5x11 Prints: $12

  • Greeting Cards (with envelope): $4-5

  • Postcards (pack of 3): $5

  • 1” Buttons (pack of 5): $6

  • 2.25” Buttons (pack of 3): $6

  • Calendars: $25-30

Holidays with outlet

As a consignment vendor you’re eligible to participate and sell at all of our fun holiday events! Also we’re making a calendar and taking submissions!

Check out what’s happening this holiday season! (link coming soon)

start selling with us!

Interested and ready to apply?

Have questions or concerns? Need help pricing items? Please reach out: leland@outletpdx.com


Outlet is always open to selling wholesale items! Have a wholesale line sheet and think Outlet is a good fit for your wares? Let's talk!