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Barbara the Riso

We want to sell your beautiful risograph goodies at this year’s Crafty Wonderland AND at our own holiday pop-up!

Crafty Wonderland is a holiday arts and crafts market featuring 250+ makers selling their goods at the Oregon Convention Center! This year’s event is Dec. 8th-9th and is FREE and open to the public. Outlet will have our usual booth of goodies (Booth 110, what’s up!) and we want to include an assortment of prints from all the lovely folks who print with us and the riso sisters during open hours.

Anything left after Crafty Wonderland will be featured in our own holiday pop-up located at Outlet the following weekend! Join us Dec. 15th-16th. Follow us on instagram for updates!

The Details

  • This will be set up as consignment, meaning Outlet will keep a portion of the sales while the rest will go back to the artist! Any prints that don’t sell during Crafty Wonderland will be brought back to Outlet and added to our shop. We’ll contact and pay you as new sales come in.

  • You’ll print your edition the same way you print regularly, just sign up for an open hours slot. You’ll still need to pay for printing the same way you would normally.

  • You’re welcome to print as many copies as you’d like, but for now we’ll only take 5-10 of each unique item. We’ll contact you when we need more!

  • Originals can be whatever size you want as long as they’re printed on the risograph. We’re open to cards, postcards, buttons (sign up for button hours here!) – just keep in mind that you’re responsible for trimming!

  • All items will be priced as consignment where you keep 60% of the profit and Outlet keeps 40%. Here’s a suggested pricing breakdown to help when you’re pricing your stuff!

    • 11x17 Prints: $20

    • 8.5x14 Prints: $15

    • 8.5x11 Prints: $12

    • Greeting Cards: $3

    • Postcards (pack of 3): $5

    • 1” Buttons (pack of 5): $6

    • 2.25” Buttons (pack of 3): $6

  • Outlet will provide packaging for your standard sizes at no extra cost. Outlet will also label all of your prints with artist name, website, and instagram (if you provide that information).

  • All participants must fill out an application listing their details when they come in to print. Outlet will use PayPal to pay out all participants after the market is over, so you’ll need to provide your PayPal account name.

  • All print submissions are due no later than Monday, December 3rd at 9:00PM. Submissions must be dropped off at Outlet during open hours (or you can leave them with us after you print!). Late submissions will not be accepted.

  • All participants will be entered into a drawing to win a $100 gift certificate (a fantastic stocking stuffer) for printing or workshops. The winner will be announced after Crafty Wonderland is over!

  • Feel free to contact us with any questions! kate@outletpdx.com