What can your risographs print?

Barbara (our RC6300) is best for any high contrast, textured, and minimal color illustration, photo, collage, poster, or zine! Lil’ Tina (our EZ220U), Janet (our RZ590U) and Corita (our RZ390U) can do all of the above and are also great for replicating pencil details and watercolors too!

How can i come print in your space?!

In order to print with us during open hours you need to take our Risograph Basics Workshop. If you’re not local or don’t have time to take our workshop we take private print clients on a case-by-case basis. We also offer private workshops for individuals, small groups, and businesses! Please fill out our contact form or email us at leland@outletpdx.com to talk details!

Can I print more than one color?

Yes! Much like screen printing, risographs print one color at a time using dedicated ink drums. That means any 2+ color prints must be fed back through the printer (which often causes come misregistration for multi-color prints).

How many colors do you have?

19 (and always adding more)! We have yellow, sunflower, orange, fluorescent orange*, fluorescent pink, red, burgundy, kelly green, hunter green, flat gold, medium blue, teal, cornflower blue, seafoam*, purple, black, white*, coral, and light lime.

Check out our stencil wiki page for more details, like RGB & pantone codes.

* this color only available up to 8.5x14”; all other colors can print up to 11x17”

Does printing more than one color affect the registration of layers?

Yes, definitely! Because multi-color prints are fed back through the printer, the layering of each color may shift a little—or a lot! We will do our best to ensure a perfect print every time, but it’s good to account for misregistration when creating your print. This is part of the charm of the risograph!

How large can I print?!?!

Barbara, Janet, and Corita can print up to 11 × 17 size paper, and anything smaller (in standard sizes). Lil’ Tina prints up to 8.5 x 14. Please allow margins of at least 1/8” (preferably 1/4”) on all sides.

What about full bleed?

Risographs do not print full bleed. If you’d like to print a full bleed image, you will have to print on a larger page size than your file—with crop marks and a bleed included—and then trim it down to size.

How do I set up a file for print?

For optimal print quality, photos and illustrations should be set up in black and white at 300dpi. Type should be set in vector based programs like Adobe Illustrator or InDesign. We recommend keeping text larger than 8pt for legibility.

Here are some other great resources for risograph file setup:
Hato Press Print Guide
Risolve File Setup Guide

What sort of paper can I use?

We recommend any sort of paper with a slight tooth, and weight. Paper must be uncoated; paper with any kind of coating or finish is unsuitable for the risograph. Barbara and Jolene can only handle paper at a maximum of 100lb. For zines or booklets 67lb or lower is best, and 80lb for covers or art prints. Please bring more than you might need in order to test print on.

Here are some of our favorite papers:

  • International Paper, Springhill Digital
    Vellum Bristol Cover (Letter, Legal, Tabloid); Text, 67lb–80lb

  • Neena Astrobrights
    Text (Letter, Tabloid); 24lb–80lb

  • Kid’s drawing paper from Columbia

  • Heavyweight construction paper

  • Printmaking paper

  • Matte sticker paper (like Avery packing label sheets)

Can I print double-sided?

Yes! All of our machines can print on both sides of your paper. Keep in mind that both sides might not line up perfectly, and to avoid heavy ink coverage on both the front and back as there is always a little bit of ink transfer that happens.

What about large fills/fields of solid color?

No sadly. Large fills of color end up a smudgey mess. We recommend setting large fills of color at 40 or 50% black to avoid a big ol’ inky mess.

Does the ink smudge?

Yup, the ink definitely smudges. Try not to handle it too roughly at first and allow for it to dry just a little. The ink never truly dries, and will rub off if handled too roughly. It’s one of the many charms of risograph printing!

Does Outlet supply paper?

Yes, Outlet carries a variety of paper stock. We’re constantly finding new paper to carry, so inquire about our current options.

Can I print on other surfaces?

Totally. Risographs are great for printing on paper bags, envelopes, stationery— anything paper and flat! Bring a sample of what you were thinking and we’ll see if our machines can print on it.

How many copies can I get off one master?

Unlike screenprinting, the risograph master doesn’t typically deteriorate (at least we’ve never reached that point). Our average print runs range from 10-200 copies. It’s also no big deal to just quickly burn a new master if we need to!

Do you offer binding services for my zine/book/etc?

Heck yeah! We have a saddle stitcher, long-arm stapler, and spiral binder that are available to use. Check out our services page for more details.


Yes! We have 1” and 2.25” button machines and supply parts for a small fee. Check out our button making page and shoot us an email with any questions!


Absolutely! Anyone who has taken our Risograph Basics Workshop can sell their risograph goods with us. Check out our consignment page for more information on how to get that process started. We’re also always looking for wholesale zines and other merchandise to add to our shop. Contact us or shoot us an email at leland@outletpdx.com if you have something you’d like to sell with us!