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A Field Guide to Color: A Workshop with Lisa Solomon

  • Outlet 2500 NE Sandy Blvd Ste E Portland, OR (map)

About the Workshop:

Welcome to the wonderful world of color and watercolor paint!

In this class we’ll explore a few of the ideas and exercises from Lisa’s new book A Field Guide To Color. Through a playful approach you’ll begin to learn about color schemes, paint transparency, tints and shades, etc. With fun painterly experiments we'll dive into how materials and other influences can impact our perception of color, and how to develop your own personal relationship with color. We’ll end class with a Color Meditation—a practice Lisa has instituted in her own studio for years now. 

Supplies for the Workshop:

Please bring your own watercolors/brushes if you have them—this will allow you to learn more about your set. If you don't have your own supplies, or want to try some new ones, you can purchase a kit with a nice travel watercolor palette and full set of at least 12 high quality artists grade watercolors to use for the class for an additional $10 [payable day of the class]. If you for SURE know you want a kit, let us know so we can be sure to prepare enough kits. We'll bring a few extras for anyone who wants one the day of. 

Workshop Fee & Ticketing:

Workshop fee is on a sliding scale of $45-$65 (the ticket is donation, so please input your price at check out). All other materials besdies paint—brushes, templates, paper etc. will be provided. The higher end of the sliding scale will give you access to some fun takeaways—Color Meditation Postcards [$55 allows you to choose 3, $65 allows you to chose 5], and PDF download access to some templates that are not included in the book—a color mixing pyramid and/or Saturation globe template [$55 gets you one, $65 gets you both].

To purchase tickets please go to the Eventbrite ticketing page.

About Lisa:

Lisa Solomon is a mixed media artist whose work has been exhibited and collected all over the world. She received her BA in art practice from UC Berkeley and her MFA from Mills College, and has been a professor in the Bay Area for 15+ years. As a Hapa [her mother is Japanese and her father is Jewish Caucasian] she is profoundly interested in personal identity, and all things chroma. Her work reflects this as well as an incredible love for textiles. She regularly uses “craft” materials and techniques in a “fine art” context. Another important focus of hers is bridging the gaps between being creative, living creatively, and making a living as a creative.