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HOW TO DRAW A GHOST w/ Zachary Schomburg


Led by Zachary Schomburg

First, we’ll talk about how to draw a ghost while looking at a wide range of ghost illustrations. Then we’ll draw ghosts. How do we see ghosts when we draw them? What makes a ghost and what makes a ghost drawing? What kind of ghosts will we be, and how will we be drawn? We’ll take turns reading writing about ghosts as we draw them. And we won’t stop until we’ve drawn the right ghost for us.

Secondly, we’ll do some poem writing for/about ghosts. We'll talk about how ghosts can properly haunt a short piece of writing. By the end of the workshop, we’ll each have new drawing of ghosts, and a ghost poem.


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Zachary Schomburg is the author of a novel, Mammother (Featherproof 2017) and 5 books of poems including, most recently, Pulver Maar (Black Ocean 2019). He is also an illustrator, muralist, teacher, and publisher of a small independent poetry press called Octopus Books. He lives in Portland, OR.