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Outlet Editions Present: Vee Qian's LòuSen

  • Outlet 2500 Northeast Sandy Boulevard Portland, OR, 97232 United States (map)

We are so excited to be releasing our very first Outlet Edition this Sunday with Portland illustrator and designer Vee Chenting Qian! Please come by Outlet to talk with the artist and check out their work! The edition is available for purchase at the event or online!

About Vee: Hi everyone, my name is Vee Chenting Qian. I am a designer, illustrator, and photographer from Wuxi, China that has been in Portland for five years. I have always struggled to write personal introductions. Many times, when I think about how to write introductions, I just want to say any random thought in my mind, such as a curious daydreaming explorer and a spaced out traveler on a cliff. A random scene plays in my mind of a microwave exploding near my head and blowing my mind into the universe.So, rather than discuss myself for too long, I’m going to talk about this zine, LouSen.

LouSen is the pinyin for the Mandarin words “漏森(LouSeng)”. If you separate “漏森(LouSeng)”, “漏(Lou)” means leak and “森(Seng)” means forests. I combined the two words to make the name for this pink monkey because I think it sounds clumsy and lovely. This little zine talks about the little monkey LouSen who got bit by a vampire cat and still lived a happy family life. After drawing this, I feel it relates to my experience because I feel like I am different, like a “vampire” because I am the only visibly queer person in my family. Like LouSen, I feel like I just want to have a happy life with my family.